Keep an eye out for the new utility box art in Midtown Phillips!

This past year, Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association has partnered with community organizations and neighborhood youth to create art for five utility boxes in Midtown Phillips with the theme of “Healthy Connections.” The partnering organizations were Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts, Banyan Community, Waite House, and New American Youth Soccer Club. In the fall of 2019, five artists were chosen by these organizations and youth they serve to work with neighborhood youth and design art for local utility boxes.
Artists chosen were Angela Barerra, Jorge Amerigo, BrieAnna Lindquist, Andres Guzman, and Samie Johnson. Over the winter, the artists met with youth at these organizations and came up with designs interpreting what “Healthy Connections” meant to them. The designs were finalized this past Spring, approved by the Minneapolis Art Commission, and were installed in July. The project was facilitated and coordinated by Bart Buch. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!!


The boxes can be found at the intersections of: 

26th St. and Bloomington Ave. S.

26th St. and 12th Ave. S.

24th St. and 11th Ave. S.

26th St. and 10th Ave. S.

28th St. and Chicago Ave. S.


2828 10th Ave S., #1205f
Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA

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