The boundaries of Midtown Phillips are East 24th Street to the north, East Lake Street to the south, Bloomington Avenue to the east, and Chicago Avenue to the west.


Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc is a volunteer-driven, community organization that advocates for a vibrant, safe, and healthy neighborhood. 

Through regular meetings, outreach, and funding, we bring diverse community members together to celebrate Midtown Phillips and explore ways to make it even better.



MPNAI shall promote the social health of the community by involving citizens in its activities and shall reach out to all segments of the community including traditionally under-represented groups. 

MPNAI will promote:

•  the economic health of the community by fostering employment and business opportunities that meet the needs of the community

•  the physical and cultural health of the community by fostering housing and open space programs which reflect the needs of the community and which promote social-economic and racial-cultural diversity with the Midtown Phillips neighborhood

•  the best interested of its community and represent those interests to other organizations and public bodies.

This includes recommending action to governmental bodies and responding to proposals for residential and commercial development or liability within the Midtown Phillips neighborhood

•  the safety and personal integrity of all individual living, working and visiting the Midtown Phillips neighborhood

•  the sense of community created by open communication among neighbors

•  the cultural, social, economic and political stabilizations of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood

•  the highest quality of housing, schooling, employment, recreation, daycare, transportation, environment, open space, arts, health and other neighborhood services, regardless of income; and

•  the development of community actions of, by and for the residents of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood by which they may, especially the economically disadvantages and under-educated, advance their stations in life.


As of December 2020

Midtown Phillips Board President:  Jennifer Naglak

(One-year term, 2020-2021)


At Large Representative:  Mahamed Cali

(Two-year term, 2019-2021)


At Large Representatives:  Jana Metge 

(Two-year term, 2019-2021)


At Large Representative: John RIchard

(One-year term, 2020-2021)


At Large Representative: Wayne Bugg

(One-year term, 2020-2021)


District 1 Representative:  OPEN

24th-26th St & Chicago to 12th Avenue

(Two-year term, 2019-2021)

District 2 Representative:  Joanne Johnson 

24th-26th St & 12th Avenue to Bloomington

(Two-year term, 2020-2022)


District 3 Representative:  OPEN

26th -28th St & Chicago to 12th Avenue 

(Two-year term, 2019-2021)


District 4 Representative: Donna Neste 

26th -28th St & 12th Avenue to Bloomington

(Two-year term, 2020-2022)


District 5 Representative:  Chris Lomheim
28th-Lake St & Chicago to 12th Avenue 

(Two-year term, 2019-2021)


District 6 Representative:  Sunshine Sevigny

28th-Lake St & 12th Ave to Bloomington 

(Two-year term, 2020-2022)


To see our Bylaws, Reports and Plans, Midtown Phillips demographics, and other information, please visit: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/ncr/links/index.htm

and select "Midtown Phillips"

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