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Elections are coming February 23 at the MPNAI Annual Meeting.

To learn more about the event, click here


Candidates must live, own property, or represent a business or organization

within the neighborhood boundaries as listed below.

(Only one vote permitted per business or organization.)

Click position below to email your nomination.

Please include whether you are a resident, business owner, or property owner

within Midtown Phillips neighborhood with your nomination.

Midtown Phillips Board President (all of Midtown Phillips)

District 1: 24th-26th & Chicago to 12th Avenue

District 3: 26th-28th & Chicago to 12th Avenue

District 5: 28th-Lake & Chicago to 12th Avenue

At Large Representative (all of Midtown Phillips)

There's open positions for (3) At Large Representatives, District 1, 3 & 5 Representatives and Board Chair.

Two of the At Large Representative terms are two-years and one At Large Representative term is one-year.

Board Chair is a one-year term.

District Reps must live, own property or represent a business/organization in their geographical area.

An At Large Rep can live, work or own property anywhere in Midtown Phillips to be on the board.

Participating on the board involves attending board meetings (currently held the second Tuesday of each month) and community meetings (when scheduled, held the fourth Tuesday of the month).


Midtown Phillips is comprised of 6 districts and the boundaries are between East 24th Street to the north, East Lake Street to the south, Bloomington Avenue to the east, and Chicago Avenue to the west.



Positions highlighted in red are up for election February 23, 2021.

(Odd districts are elected in odd years and even districts in even years)

Midtown Phillips Board President (one-year term):  

Jennifer Naglak

At Large Representative (two-year term):  

Mahamed Cali

At Large Representative (two-year term): 

Jana Metge 

At Large Representative (one-year term): 

John Richard

At Large Representative: 

Wayne Bugg

District 1 Representative (two-year term): 


24th-26th St & Chicago to 12th Avenue

District 2 Representative: 

Joanne Johnson 

24th-26th St & 12th Avenue to Bloomington

District 3 Representative (two-year term): 


26th -28th St & Chicago to 12th Avenue 

District 4 Representative:

Donna Neste 

26th -28th St & 12th Avenue to Bloomington

District 5 Representative (two-year term):  

Chris Lomheim
28th-Lake St & Chicago to 12th Avenue 

District 6 Representative: 

Sunshine Sevigny

28th-Lake St & 12th Ave to Bloomington 


Click here to read our bylaws

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