• SEPTEMBER Midtown Phillips Board Meeting:
   Tuesday September 9, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

– Discuss Banyan/MPNAI Partnership MOU. (25 min.)
– Motion to approve hiring of staff member in partnership with Waite House. (10 min.)
– Financial report (20 min.)
– Discuss the housing committee’s goals (20 min.)
– Discuss election of a new board chair (10 min.)
– Announce Phillips Clean Sweep: Saturday, October 11 (5 min.)
AUGUST Midtown Phillips Community Meeting:
   Tuesday August 26, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Multi-purpose Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis
– Legislative update by Rep. Karen Clark. (30 min.)
– Discuss traffic calming on 26th and 28th discussion continued. (20 min.)
• How do you feel about 28th & 26th Street?
• Do we need to slow or reduce traffic on 26th & 28th?
• Do we need bike lanes on 26th & 28th?
• Do we need these streets to move traffic through the neighborhood quickly?
• Please come with any ideas and thoughts
– NEW BUSINESS. (30 min.)

SEPTEMBER Midtown Phillips Board Meeting:
   Tuesday September 9, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis
– Plan to engage local block clubs for collective discussion on crime. (30 min.)
– Discuss Banyan/MPNAI Partnership MOU. (20 min.)
– Motion to approve hiring of staff member in partnership with Waite House. (10 min.)
– Financial report (10 min.)
– Discuss the housing committee’s goals (10 min.)
– Elect new chair member (10 min.)

SEPTEMBER Midtown Phillips Community Meeting:
   Tuesday September 23, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Multi-purpose Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis
– Recap of discussion on traffic calming on 26th and 28th. (30 min.)
Solid Waste and Recycling opened a new Residential Organics Drop-Off at the South Transfer Station.
The Residential Organics Drop-Off is open all hours the South Transfer Station is open: Tuesdays – Friday (12:30 – 7:30) and Saturdays (8:30 – 3:30). Kellie Kish, Recycling Coordinator of the City of Minneapolis, will educate residents about organics recycling and how the drop-off program works. (20 min.)
– Presentation on Community Arts Engagement projects by HOTB/St Pauls (15 min.)
– Debrief of the Midtown Festival (10 min.)
My name is Katrina Nygaard and I am contacting you on behalf of the City of Minneapolis about some upcoming meetings regarding improvements to 26th and 28th Streets. There will be three meetings over the course of the summer which will be a great opportunity for residents and community members to give feedback on the safety, particularly for bicyclists and pedestrians. These meetings will take place on July 14, August 6 and August 27. All meetings will take place at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave.) from 6-8pm.
Residents can learn more about the project and give feedback at our website: http://www.bikeandwalkmpls.mindmixer.com/ I have also attached a flyer about the meetings and a 1 pg info sheet that can be distributed.
Thank you again for your help,
Katrina Nygaard
2335 Highway 36 West St. Paul MN 55113-3819
JUNE Midtown Phillips Community Meeting:
   June 24, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Multi-purpose Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis
   Jana Metge to chair.

– Wentworth Aircraft Site Rezoning Proposal. 
   City Planner Paul Mogush and Don Gerberding of Master Construction to guide discussion. (45 min.)

– Discuss traffic calming on 26th and 28th. (30 min.)
• How do you feel about 28th & 26th Street?
• Do we need to slow or reduce traffic on 26th & 28th?
• Do we need bike lanes on 26th & 28th?
• Do we need these streets to move traffic through the neighborhood quickly?
• Please come with any ideas and thoughts

MOTION that MPNAI support the request by Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for funding for Homeownership Opportunity Minneapolis. (5 min.)
The Homeownership Opportunity Minneapolis (HOM) Program request for affordability gap funding for of $250,000 in Minnesota Housing Impact Funds would leverage proposed City of Minneapolis funding of $1,000,000 to provide down payment and closing cost assistance to 100 new home buyers and $125,000 to fund homeownership outreach and assistance for 5 culturally specific organizations to serve homebuyers of color:  African American, East African, Latino, Asian and American Indian.  If granted, the request would enable the City of Minneapolis to assist an additional 25 homebuyers in purchasing homes in Minneapolis with annual household incomes less than $95,000.

MOTION that MPNAI support PRG’s continued foreclosure recovery work in the neighborhood and adding in-fill new construction.  

– NEW BUSINESS. (5 min.)

Open house for transportation and transit improvements near I-35W, Lake Street and Midtown Greenway

The community is invited to an open house about transit and transportation related improvements near Interstate 35W, Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis. Staff from Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Metro Transit will share updated proposals for improvements in the area, including:
  • Multi-level enclosed bus rapid transit (BRT) station at both the freeway and Lake Street levels, with pedestrian and bicycle connection to/from the Midtown Greenway north of Lake Street
  • Physical improvements to Lake Street in the vicinity of the I-35W interchange
  • Proposed ramps at the I-35W interchange
The open house will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 19 at the Whittier Recreation Center (425 26th Street West, Minneapolis). This meeeting will address many of the technical issues and neighborhood concerns raised at previous open houses.
“We are working on improving conditions for all transportation modes at I-35W and Lake Street,” said Hennepin County Transportation Department Director Jim Grube. “Our focus has been to ensure a safe, convenient and attractive environment for pedestrians and bicyclists that enhances and increases transit use. Also, we want to upgrade Lake Street to better serve traffic access and transportation needs in the area.”
The I-35W transit and access project will determine the location and preliminary design of a new bus rapid transit station, providing transit users better functioning connections to and from Lake Street, the Midtown Greenway and I-35W. Other projects will be built at the same time, including pavement replacement between 42nd and 32nd streets, the reconstruction of I-35W between the transit and access project and the I-94 common section, replacement of the 26th Street and Franklin Avenue bridges and the replacement of the 24th Street pedestrian/bicycle bridge.
After earlier public meetings, the project team did additional analysis and considered public input to update the transit station concept and ramp layouts.
“We will have updated maps and graphics at the open house that will reflect the analysis and public input,” said Jenifer Hager, principal professional engineer for the City of Minneapolis. “We are looking for feedback on how these elements will fit together to produce the most benefits for the surrounding commercial area and neighborhoods.”
The project team is also seeking feedback on the proposed public art concepts for a high-quality pedestrian/bicycle connection between the Midtown Greenway and Lake Street.
JUNE Midtown Phillips Board Meeting:
   June 10, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

MOTION: The Executive Committee authorizes Jana to pay a bookkeeper to complete non filed 2011 and 2012 Annual Reports to the Attorney General Charities Division and to complete Midtown Phillips Secretary of State registration. (5 min.)

MOTION: The Midtown Phillips Board to move $20,000 of remaining NRP Phase 1 dollars into Phase II Goal 6 Administrative Contract (supply plan oversight/midtown administration).  (5 min.)

– Discuss creating new neighborhood map per our new bylaw change and number of districts. Set date for completion.  (10 min.)

– Events committee recommends MPNAI should have a table and solicit comments from folks on the neighborhood  issues, needs, what folks love and kind up volunteers for 2 hour shifts. (10 min.)

– Discuss feasibility for translation of board manuals, conflict of interest statements, and other important documents into Spanish and as many other primary languages represented by Midtown as possible. Also discuss how to present need for legal review of housing agreements, NRP plan, etc to City. Each board member needs to sign a conflict of interest form. Set date for completion. (30 min.)

– Make community aware of  Paint the pavement projects, utility boxes and other creative ideas for art on City property. The City’s website (http://www.minneapolismn.gov/dca/WCMS1P-083277) posts instructions, guidelines and deadlines for these permits. This year, with input from the Arts Commission and the goal of making the process more user-friendly, the website was redesigned and separate materials were created for intersection paintings and utility box projects. Note that there are also now two opportunities for utility boxes: 1) Requesting permission to wrap or paint boxes with custom designs, and 2) Minneapolis Arts Wraps—preapproved designs and a quick process for use by groups who don’t have the time or resources to commission artists to do custom projects. There are also sample proposals from previous years on the website for reference, as well as a list of good questions to consider in planning these types of projects. Minneapolis Public Arts Director, Mary Altman will give overview of program. (15 min.)

– MOTION that the Board publish to move $20,000 of remaining NRP Phase 1 dollars into Phase II goal 6 administrative contract (5 min.)

– Discuss HOTB/St Paul Community Engagement proposal and Memorandum of Understanding.  (10 min.)