November Community Meeting

TUESDAY November 22, 2016
6:30-8:00 PM
Stewart Park (Community Room)
2700 12th Avenue South, Minneapolis

I.             Introductions (5 minutes)

II.            Accept and Review October Community Meeting Minutes (5 minutes)

III.           Update on Signage-Sunshine Sevigny (5 Minutes)

IV.         Discuss Traffic Study of 26th St./28th St. and Andersen School Area (25 Minutes)

V.          CPP Grant Application Overview & Activity (30 Minutes)

VI.          Community Announcements & Public Comment (15 Minutes)

There will NOT be a Community Meeting in December.

November Board Meeting

MPNAI Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday November 8, 2016
Stewart Park Arts Room, 2700 12th Ave S

I.                    Introductions

II.                  Approve October Board Meeting Minutes

III.                Move to change Beth Hart’s appointment to District 4 and announce opening for at large position

IV.                Finance Report
a.     Motion:  To accept and receive the September Financial Statements
b.    Motion:  That the Board approve an electronic vote on the 2017-2020 CPP Grant and authorize the Executive Committee to finalize and submit it to Neighborhood Community Relations Committee.
c.     Motion: To Authorize Peter Eichten, MPNAI Co-Chair to sign MPNAI IRS 990.
d.    Motion: To Authorize Peter Eichten, MPNAI Co-Chair and Abdul Mohamed, MPNAI Co-Chair to sign the Minnesota Attorney General Charities Division Annual Report
e.     Motion: To accept, receive, and file the 2015 IRS 990 and 2015 Minnesota Attorney General Charities Division Annual Report.

V.                  Staffing updates

VI.                Program Updates
a.     Neighborhood Signage - Sunny will show the board the final model for neighborhood signage as Provide a Map showing approved installation sites.
b.    Neighborhood Housing Rehab Funds - Jana distributed the quarterly financial report from GMHC/Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation and will have copies available.
c.     New House Construction - Powderhorn Residents Group (PRG) - PRG has submitted an application for State funding. We have $15,000 set aside to match.  Should they get the funding, we will schedule PRG into a Community Meeting to review designs and pricing.
d.    Traffic Calming Neighborhood Priority Plan submitted by the Bill Bryant Block Club for 26th St & 10th/11th Ave So - The Safe Schools proposal presented by City Staff last month integrates a majority of Bill's requests.

VII.              Public comments

October 11th Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday October 11, 2016, 6:30-8pm
Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room)
2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

I.                    Introductions             (2 mins)
II.                  Motion to Approve the September 13th Board Minutes          (2 mins)
III.                Financial Report
a.       Discussion and approval of the 2017 Budget        (25 mins)
b.      Next Steps in applying for the CPP 2017-2020 Grant         (5 mins)
IV.                Partnership Proposal Discussions and Decisions on Who to Fund       (40 mins)
a.       St. Paul’s and Heart of the Beast - $12,500
b.      Banyan Community - $12,500
c.       New City Church’s Fruit Tree Program - $10,000
d.      KALY – Somali American Radio - $15,000
e.      New Americans’ Youth Soccer Club - $10,500
V.                  Report back and debrief of Clean Sweep      (10 mins)

VI.                Community Announcements             (5 mins)

September Community Meeting Agenda

TUESDAY September 27, 2016 - 6:30-8:00PM 
Stewart Park (Community Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis 

I.              Introductions (5 min)

II.            Approve August Community Minutes (5 min)

III.           Forrest Hardy – Associate Transportation Planner, Department of Public Works: Anderson School Safe Pathways project (30 minutes)

IV.          Community Discussion of proposed 2017 Budget (30 minutes)

V.           Ward 9 Report – Councilmember Alondra Cano (15 minutes)

VI.          Community Announcements:

a.   Clean Sweep – Saturday October 8th, starting at 9 am

2016 Phillips Clean Sweep - Saturday, October 8th!

Tuesday September 13, 2016, 6:30-8pm
Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room)
2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

I.                    Introductions                                                         (2 mins)
II.                  Motion to approve August 9th Board Minutes     (2 mins)
III.                Clean Sweep Announcement – Saturday October 8th, starting at 9am
IV.                Partnership Proposal from St. Paul’s and Herat of the Beast (5 mins)
V.                  Motion from the Community: The General Membership moves that the full money left in the Cepro Contract be spent to transform the beds J, K, L, and I to fescue, and to plant beds F, G, and part of H (15 mins)
VI.                Staff Discussion for the rest of 2016 (20 minutes)
a.      Emma’s resignation and how to move forward in finding new staff
b.      Approximately $10,000 more required in a Staff/Personnel line
VII.              Ariah Fine –Neighborhood Support Specialist from NCR Department (5 mins)
VIII.            2017 Budget Discussion (35 minutes)
a.      Review Draft Budget
b.      Staff Hours
c.       Partnership Proposals

IX.                Staff Report (5 mins)

August Community Meeting Agenda

TUESDAY August 23, 2016 - 6:30-8:00PM 
Stewart Park (Community Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis 

I.              Introductions (5 min)

II.            Approve June Community Minutes (5 min)

III.           Lisa Middag – Midtown Community Works (15 min)

a.   Play Anywhere Award
b.   Cepro Fall Planting

IV.          Minneapolis Renters’ Coalition (35 min)

V.           Outreach Ideas for CPP Grant (25 min)

VI.          Announcements (5 min)