April 26th Community Meeting Agenda

MPNAI Community Meeting
Tuesday April 26, 2016, 6:30-8pm
Stewart Park Community Room, 2700 12th Ave S

I.              Introductions                                                                                         (3 mins)

II.            Approve minutes of 3/22/16 Community Meeting                           (2 mins)

III.           3rd Precinct Report                                                                              (10 mins)

IV.          Review applications for the purchase of the lot at
2548 12th Ave S from the City of Minneapolis                                 (30 mins)
a.   Charles Browning
b.   Wilson Molina
c.    Julie Larson
d.   Daniel Fernandez
* Need to submit comments to city by 2/28/2016:

V.           Seed Money for Commercial Land Trust Pilot Project
Jeff Washburne - City of Lakes Community Land Trust             (10 mins)

VI.          Andersen United Community School Construction                    (10 mins)

VII.        Community Outreach Strategies                                                   (15 mins)

VIII.       Call for at Large Rep and District 4 Rep                                        (5 min)

IX.          Call for Partners                                                                                  (5 mins)

March Community Meeting Agenda

Stewart Park (Community Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis 

I. Introductions
II. 3rd Precinct Report (15 Minutes)
II. Bob Stacke and Steve Herzog to discuss partnership proposal for Community Engagement through Music (30 minutes)
III. Midtown Festival and other events - i.e. back to school event, clean sweep, all-partnership events (30 minutes)

IV. Neighborhood Announcements and Updates (15 Minutes)

March 8th Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday March 8, 2016, 6:30-8pm
Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room)
2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

I.              Introductions:  Please share your name, address, present occupation, and one thing you would like to see happen in the neighborhood this coming year.   (10 mins)
II.             Motion: To approve February 9, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes (2 mins)
III.            Board Training – Robert Thompson from the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department  (45 mins)
IV.           Review Conflict of Interest Policy and sign (5 mins)
V.            Motion: To approve 2015 CPP Annual Report (5 mins)
VI.           Election of Officers    (5 mins)
·         Vice Chair
·         Treasurer
·         Secretary
VII.          MPNAI 2016 Check Signer Resolution   (2 mins)
·         Motion: MPNAI resolves that Peter Eichten/President, _______/Treasurer, and _____ be authorized as check signers for the 2016 Fiscal Year
VIII.         Motion:  To Accept & Receive January Financial Reports.
IX.           Strategic Planning - how to move forward, Lesley  (10 mins)
X.            Plaza Verde Update  (5 mins)
XI.           Goals and Objectives for the year (we won’t have time to discuss this, but please be thinking about it, and we will discuss further at the April meeting.)
XII.          Pass out partnership proposal and draft MOU for “Phillips’ Sound: Cultural Exchange Partnership between Augsburg and MPNAI” (We will also be discussing and making a motion on this at the April meeting)

Upcoming Board Meetings (all 6:30-8pm at Stewart Park):
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th

Upcoming Community Meetings (all 6:30-8pm at Stewart Park):
March 22nd
April 26th
May 24th

June 28th

February 8th, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda
Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc.
February 9, 2016
Stewart Park (Arts and Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

I. Approve January 12, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes (6:30)

II. Finance Report (6:35)
- Review draft of Memorandum of Understanding for the New American Soccer League
- MOTION: To approve and sign New American Soccer League MOU, establishing partnership with funding of $10,000
- Financial Overview for next board term
- MOTION: Accept & Receive Dec Financial reports & Year End report for Annual Meeting

III. Neighborhood Priority Plans (7:00)
- New Affordable Housing
- MOTION: To amend language in our NRP Phase II plan.
Approve: Support the development of Village in Phillips and other developments in the neighborhood to provide affordable homeownership opportunities.
- Neighborhood Signage
- Art on Utility Boxes

IV. Annual Meeting Planning Report (7:15)

V. Reflection on last year’s board activity before new board term (7:20)

VI. Staff Report (7:50)